Scenario Builder

Cartegraph’s Scenario Builder can predict the future of any asset, any time. Within seconds, you can project which activities will maximize the life of your high-value assets – and how much it will cost. Enter your timeline and budget or your timeline and goals. Scenario Builder will do the rest.

When you can see the future, it’s easy to plan ahead and save yourself a lot of reactive work down the road. Scenario Builder will shed light on the hard facts and give you clear budget projections. Use the visual data to compare scenarios and find solutions. Armed with accurate data, you can do just about anything.

Easy to Use
Enter your timeline and budget or your timeline and goals. Scenario Builder will do the rest. Adjust scenarios to meet identified outcomes, such as defined budget limitations or target network OCI.

Don’t let the user-friendly interface fool you; Scenario Builder is one smart system. It pulls data from your activity library to create accurate predictions on everything from OCI gains to budget impact. See which assets are the most critical and which activities will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

See the future. Cartegraph users are already familiar with using performance curves to measure the condition and life remaining of every asset. Scenario Builder takes it on step further – projecting the future performance of every asset. Run scenarios for your most complex assets. Use condition categories to differentiate between heavily-used and gently-used assets.

Spend smarter. Enter your budget. Filter the results by year or dollar amount. Use the data to maximize every dollar of your budget for the next year, five years, ten years, or more. Adjust scenarios to determine how much money you’ll need to determine how much money you’ll need to accomplish your goals.

Make better decisions. Project scenarios for your assets on any timeline. Want to know what could happen this year, next year, or any year after that? All it takes is a click of the mouse.



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