OMS TCA (PSAB Compliance)

Let your operations staff manage assets the way they do now and the let the power of the OMS TCA App bring everything together for PS-3150 compliance; including a full slate of reporting to generate schedule 51 of the Ontario FIR reporting.

Use the built in tools to automatically deflate assets and treatments based on replacement values, current values or general unit costs. Automatically roll up maintenance costs as capital activities when user-specified thresholds are met. Break up and categorize your assets and activities however you want through the fully customizable rules set or just use the defaults directly out of the box to get you started.

Already well on your way with PS-3150 compliance, simply import your previous year’s results and let the system take it from there. You can throw out those spreadsheets. Even better, the system can also provide your operational FIR Reports based on the breakdown you want using Work Management.



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