Mobile Feature Comparison

Use this table to compare features for Cartegraph One and Cartegraph for iPad to see which will work best for you.

Feature Cartegraph One Cartegraph for iPad
Accessible from Apple devices X X
Accessible from Android devices X
View, Edit, Create Assets X X
Perform 5-Star ?Inspections X X
Perform Advanced Inspections X
Exchange Component Assets X
Use Capture Feature to Create Assets X
View, Edit, Create Tasks X X
View and Edit Live Tasks X
View and Generate Routes for Tasks X
Enter Resources X X
Customize Fields Available on Timesheet for Resource Entry X
Enter Materials with Material Locations X
Bar Code Scanning X
Attach Photos X X
View Records on a Map X X
View Assets and Tasks on a Single Map X
Access Filtered Asset Layers X
Access Custom Maps X X
Interact with Esri Web Maps X
Define Custom Zoom Extents with Web Maps X
View and Edit Requests X
Offline Mode Available X

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