AGL (also known as Applied Geologics) was established in 1997 and is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Our approach has always been “client-centric”, and we treat all of our clients as long-term partners. AGL selected Cartegraph Systems Inc. and The Cartegraph OMS (Operations Management System), as the only enterprise asset and work management solution available that can be adapted to meet the many business requirements and processes which make each client unique. Having worked together since 2000, AGL is Cartegraph’s longest-serving Partner – affirming AGL’s depth of experience for ensuring successful Cartegraph implementations. AGL is also an Esri Silver Partner. Cartegraph is an Esri Platinum Partner. The Cartegraph OMS supports bi-directional integration with Esri ArcGIS out-of-the-box.

In 1985 when Dr. Ed Shewen, Owner and Senior Consultant forAGL, first became involved in the research and development of asset management solutions for local government infrastructure, he quickly realized that analytical software to support asset management decisions was not enough. The concept that asset management could be based on a point-in-time survey of asset condition and attributes only provided results that were quickly obsolete; through the continued asset degradation and the daily maintenance/rehabilitation work. Good analytics requires good data, and good data requires an understanding of the local government’s business processes plus the enterprise implementation of solutions that fit into the daily business of the corporation to maintain the foundation asset repository in the most complete, current and accurate state as possible.

As years passed AGL and Cartegraph Systems formed a strategic partnership and began working together closely. They implemented this new philosophy for infrastructure asset management which ties all workflows relating to asset data into one seamless solution. This includes service request management, work management, inventory management, preventative maintenance management, asset inventory management, asset performance assessment & prediction and capital investment planning. This is accomplished by using core system functionality and by automatic integrations with established systems such as finance systems, GIS, SCADA, fuel systems, and so on. The end result of this research and development is an enterprise asset and work management system referred to as the Cartegraph OMS.

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