Cartegraph’s close partnership with Esri guarantees that Cartegraph technology not only connects, it makes both systems even better.


The Cartegraph and Esri platforms work seamlessly together, combining your organization’s existing GIS web maps and asset inventories with rich operations and asset management functionality designed especially for the needs of local government. Leverage Esri web maps for all types of analysis and decision-making.

Why make multiple trips to the field?
Accuracy and efficiency from any location. Locate your feature and add it to your map with a single click. Record attributes, perform inspections, and schedule future tasks. Hit save and Cartegraph pushes the record to your Esri database in real time.

Data Sync Always up to date
Bidirectional and seamless. Our Esri integration enables field users to capture data in ArcGIS and push it to Cartegraph in real time. So whichever system you’re using, you’ll always have current data to work from.

Versioning Quality control for spatial data.
Protect the integrity of your geodatabase. Esri’s versioning mechanism gives GIS administrators the opportunity to review new and edited data before it’s published in ArcGIS. Perfect for non-GIS personnel entering data in the field.

Maps for all types of users. Built-in Esri web maps deliver the most pertinent, up-to-date geospatial information possible. Customizable options enable individual users to tailor maps to their exact day-to-day needs.

Produce maps in Esri and publish them in Cartegraph. Name them to match specific tasks, projects, or organizational standards. And easily edit and interact with them using the Cartegraph Map Control.

A companion for every Esri product. Cartegraph works in perfect tandem with:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS for Desktop
  • ArcGIS for Server


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