Fleet Management

A smarter fleet. Use Cartegraph’s Fleet Management feature to create proactive preventative maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge vehicle and equipment performance, and intelligently plan for replacements and repairs.

Preventative Maintenance
Plan efficiently, schedule proactively, and become familiar with the history of each piece in your Fleet inventory. Schedule recurring maintenance tasks against single pieces or groups of equipment and Fleet inventory.

Task Management
Built-in notifications inform users of tasks in progress and those that need to be prioritized for completion. When maintaining a particular vehicle or piece of equipment, users can easily see what/if future tasks are planned, and make better, more proactive decisions when performing their work.

Fuel System Integration
When integrated with a fuel management system, Cartegraph will track the vehicle’s fueling costs in tandem with its other usage data.

Vehicle Replacement Rating
Cartegraph’s Vehicle Replacement Rating (VRR) is a practical and accurate points based method for determining when a vehicle needs to be retired or replaced. VRR calculations give you a real-time gauge of purchase cost vs. maintenance cost, and what stage of the replacement a vehicle or piece of equipment is in.

Calculate, manage, and track equipment costs for every Task and Work Order. Use the data to achieve maximum ROI, billings, and reimbursements. Within a single task, users can enter multiple pieces of equipment and calculate the usage cost for each. Add, set, and adjust equipment rates as needed. A detailed view of equipment costs for any completed task. Get the total usage cost along with the itemized values for parts, labor, fuel, and more.


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