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Criticality Factor is a numeric representation of asset ranking based on a subjective, user-defined ordering that identifies the relative importance of a particular asset. A higher number means a higher priority.

The default value is 1 and values cannot be negative. The field exists for all asset types including Equipment and any assets created using Cartegraph’s Asset Builder functionality.

An asset’s Criticality Factor can be viewed from the asset grid on the Asset page.  The field also displays on the cross-asset list.

Options for updating Criticality Factor include:

  • Mapping it as a field in GIS Integration to have it populated from the Esri system
  • Adding it to the asset’s Detail View and directly editing the value
  • Importing values

Understanding an asset’s importance as compared to other assets is valuable when analyzing data and making decisions.  Asset Criticality can be utilized by Scenario Builder to prioritize work tasks.


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