Import/Export files are used to import data from other applications or export data from Cartegraph. The functionality to perform these tasks is found in Import/Export. You must be a Cartegraph Administrator to do so.

  • The Import function allows you to transfer data from an existing file into your Cartegraph database. To better facilitate the process, Cartegraph automatically saves imported files to a temporary location and deletes them once the import has concluded.
  • Any file import format can be used for export, although the fixed-width type is not supported.
  • The Export function creates a .CSV or .TXT file for use by other applications such as spreadsheets, databases, or other data management applications. For example, exporting labor records that track employee time for use in a payroll application.
  • Import/Export Formats are created in the Format Editor tab and stored in the Project Home as a format file. Once a format is selected in this tab, the Import and Export buttons become available and a job can be run.
  • The Jobs tab is where historical Import or Export jobs are viewed, where job logs are available for download, and where running jobs can be viewed and canceled.
  • At the conclusion of any Import/Export, Cartegraph reports the number of records it processed, as well as, a count of warnings, errors, and informational messages received as a result. View the results in the Jobs tab.
  • CSV files generated by an export that will be used for importing must use ANSI encoding.


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