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AGL is the Canadian Distributor and Implementation Partner for Cartegraph Systems Solutions for Local Government.
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Creative System Implementations
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We have provided many awesome system implementations that have helped our clients improve efficiency, track costs and more effectively manage their public sector infrastructure.

“Local governments face increasing pressure to deliver services that meet the constantly evolving demands of citizens. Yet many are falling behind due to limited budgets used to address growing requirements, declines in staff resources, aging technology and outdated management methods.”

“One of the biggest challenges for asset-intensive government agencies – if not the biggest challenge – is to effectively manage these different types of assets effectively and efficiently. The traditional management methods – based on managing assets through data silos, reactive asset maintenance, paper record keeping, etc. – are no longer adequate in meeting the demands of today’s public sector agencies.”

AGL is a comprehensive one-stop solution provider for all Asset and Work Management needs including Data Gathering, Performance Assessment, System Development, Implementation, Training, and User Support.


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Operations Management

Cartegraph OMS
Enterprise Asset Management and so much more.  Every department. Every network. One incredibly efficient system. Cartegraph is the only OMS designed specially for local government. With its emphasis on efficiency and usability, Cartegraph enables you to manage enterprise assets in direct tandem with the work, resources, and requests at the center of your municipal operations.

For every enterprise asset.
OMS includes specialized solutions for managing the enterprise assets that comprise your facilities, public spaces, and infrastructure.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.
OMS is a powerful, uncomplicated system that helps its users work more accurately and efficiently.

A direct link between OMS and ArcGIS
Integrate with Esri and use location to make work, asset, request, and resource data even more useful and accurate.
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Accuracy and efficiency in the field.
OMS performs optimally on any modern browser-enabled device.

Facility Maintenance Management
Cartegraph’s Facility Maintenance Management system is designed to help local governments effectively care for and sustain facilities and their assets.
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Fleet Management
Cartegraph’s Fleet Management feature gauges vehicle and equipment performance to intelligently plan for replacements and repairs.
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Scenario Builder
Predict the future of any asset, any time with Cartegraph’s Scenario Builder.
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OMS TCA (PSAB Compliance)
Let your operations staff manage assets the way they do onw and let the power of the OMS TCA App bring everything together for PS-3150 complaince.
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Asset Management

Capturing good data has never been this easy. Our simplified interface guides users through the inspection process, ensuring that all the right information gets captured. Populate the ordered fields, attach notes and photos, and schedule necessary follow-up tasks on the spot. Cartegraph makes inspections incredibly efficient and accurate.

Inventory Attributes
Your data, your way. Detailed records generate detailed reports. Easily sort and filter your asset data down to precise inventory attributes such as age, type, manufacturer, proximity, and more. Mix and match attributes however you please. And start running the exact types of reports you need.

Condition Assessment
Get to know your assets. Condition categories enable you to evaluate assets in targeted areas of wear and deterioration. Use the built-in condition categories or create your own. Either way, you’ll be extending the life of your assets. When condition data is entered, the system compares it to your set minimum standards and immediately tells you how the asset measures up.

Maintenance History
What, where, when, and why. Cartegraph performs optimally on laptops and iPads, making it perfect for users in the field. Lists and prompts help mobile users capture the all the right information — the what, where, when, and why — for every maintenance activity that occurs.

Better tools for better planning. Performance Curves use condition data to compare the asset’s actual performance to its ideal performance. Deterioration Curves use maintenance and repair data to estimate the asset’s remaining service life.

Esri Integration
A real-time, bi-directional exchange of asset information. OMS integrates seamlessly with ArcGIS, enabling you to create, edit, and add to your asset inventories from either the Cartegraph or Esri platform. Anytime asset data is entered, the updates appear in both systems simultaneously and in real-time.
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Work Management

A more efficient way to work. Effectively manage the individual work events that make-up the workday. For assets, infrastructure, equipment, and all the other things you fix and maintain. Easily create and schedule any type of task. Automatically notify users of new and urgent tasks in real time.

Work Orders
How projects stay managed. Create a work order at the project level and use it to manage all the tasks necessary to complete it. Instead of assuming that each step of a job or project has been done, you’ll see every related action in meticulous detail — task type and location, overall costs and progress of the work order, when it needs to be completed, and when it needs to be done again. Create repeating work orders by scheduling them to repeat at whatever interval you’d like, as many times as you’d like.

Time Entry
Less entry, more time. In the office and in the field, Cartegraph makes time sheet management easy and accurate. No more estimates or best guesses. Complete your task, enter your time, and mark it complete. Cartegraph enables you to enter time and resources on multiple tasks at once.

Preventative Maintenance
A proactive way to plan. Preventative Maintenance is a core feature of Cartegraph. It’s designed as an efficient way for managers and crews to create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for replacements and repairs.

Task Triggers
You already have enough work to do. Let Cartegraph’s built-in Trigger feature automatically create tasks for you. Just specify the condition and usage limits, and elapsed and scheduled time intervals. The system will do the rest.



Service Request Management

Open311 Ready
Seamless, efficient civic issue tracking. Cartegraph will intake issues from any 311 system. It also makes it easy for you to relate those issues to particular assets and locations, and create and schedule the necessary work. Once the issue is fixed, you’ll have an incredibly detailed record of work performed, time and resources spent, and future actions recommended.

Use YourGOV to engage citizens in your community. Maximum accessibility, incredible user experience, convenient features. Simple options for submitting service requests and reporting non-emergency issues. From your modern browser or device, YourGOV engages citizens nationwide.
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Multiple Calls. One Request.
When you receive multiple calls for the same request, your phone reps will quickly recognize the redundancy and log each additional call under a single Request. This not only eliminates duplicate data, it reduces call times, and helps you understand the urgency of a particular request.

Internal Requests
Use Cartegraph to engage staff in safety and upkeep of their workplace. The Internal Request feature is a central portal that uses the same usability and accessibility of Cartegraph’s citizen request solution to intake non-emergency issues and service requests from within your organization.


Cartegraph for iPad
Power and functionality for the mobile workforce. Cartegraph works perfectly on the iPad, too. So, no matter where the task is located, your mobile workforce has everything it needs to access and complete work accurately and on time. Sort tasks by Priority, Date, and Proximity. View, edit, and complete them. Enter time, equipment, and resources, and create follow-up tasks — all from the field.

Tasks by Proximity
Prioritize tasks and plan the most efficient routes between them. Cartegraph uses iPad’s locating features to show mobile workforce users where they are in relation to assigned tasks.

Live Tasks
Done with a task? Use the Live Tasks filter to find out if there are any new, open, or unassigned tasks nearby.

Use the built-in maps for a simple, friendly user experience. Familiar options such as turn-by-turn navigation, scale and zoom, and full screen views help users navigate the workday with ease.

Esri Maps
Professional maps in the field. Cartegraph is fully compatible with ArcGIS Online, Desktop, and Server.
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Barcoded Assets?
No need to pack a scanner. Scan codes with your iPad and let Cartegraph auto-populate the basic data fields for you.

Mobile Attachments
Easily attach photos to any task. Before, during, or after. Choose photos from your device library or use iPad’s camera to snap and upload a new one.




Event Information:

  • Mon

    AGL at the 2018 CNAM Conference

    Giovanni Caboto Club, Windsor, Ontario

    Join AGL at the CNAM Annual Conference and Tradeshow: "Bridging the Gap - Connecting to the Future of Asset Management".

    AGL is the exclusive Canadian Distributor and Implementation Partner of Cartegraph Software and our expert team will be available to talk to you about ways we can help bridge your organization's asset management gaps using Cartegraph's Operations Management System (OMS). AGL and OMS can make the future of your asset management brighter!

    Please visit us at booth #14. For more information about the conference please click here.

    Please note: the Conference will now take place at the Giovanni Caboto Club in Windsor. See you there!


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